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Wednesday 16th November 2016

Final Programme





Welcome Remarks


Keynote Address

10:00am-10:30am Coffee Break in the Exhibition


Roundtable – The Role of LPG in the Energy Future

Conference Room

Chair: Mr. Roger Harrabin, Environment and Energy Analyst, BBC UK

By 2050 there will be nearly ten billion people on our planet. Nearly three-quarters of us will live in cities and energy demand could be 50% higher than it is today. These future energy challenges require solutions that are clean, affordable and sustainable.
What will be the role of LPG in this context?

12:00pm-1:30pm Lunch in the Exhibition 

Session 1 – Future Market Outlook

Conference Room

Chair: Dr Walt Hart, Vice President, Natural Gas Liquids Research and Consulting, IHS

The LPG industry is entering an exciting new phase. LPG demand continues to grow and oil and gas prices have seen dramatic falls. New supplies are emerging, the east-west arbitrage has collapsed and more efficient trade routes are opening up. The opening of the Panama Canal extension has coincided with new large LPG ships entering the market.


Coffee Break in the Exhibition 








Session 2 – Safety is No Accident

Conference Room

Chair: Mr. Henry Cubbon, Managing Director, DCC Energy LPG

Effective health and safety performance comes always from the top. Solid HSE Management Systems, culturally embedded in the organisation are not only the assurance for safe operations. They constitute also an integral part of the success of any good business.


Cooking For Life - Innovative Distribution Models 

Chair: Mr. Yashvir Kumar Gupta, Executive Director (LPG), Indian Oil Corporation

In 2012 WLPGA launched Cooking For Life to facilitate the switching of one billion people to LPG in the developing world. Nearly five years later, the initiative is well on its way to achieving this lofty goal by harnessing innovative strategies for getting LPG to the populations that need it most including the millions of people currently impacted by humanitarian calamities.


Session 3 – Exceptional Energy in Action

Conference Room

Chair: Ms. Nikki Brown, Director, Cavagna Group UK Ltd

The development of new uses and applications that use LPG as a fuel or the spread and adoption of such technologies and practices is a significant enabler for the growth of the LPG industry. Some have the potential to shape LPG markets now and in the future.